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Thanks for participating in Wealth Tuition Angel University…you now have the keys to financial and spiritual freedom. More to come on that soon.

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It’s very important to read everything below

You’ve made a great decision to increase your profits on the internet faster and easier than ever before.

There’s a lot more going on with Wealth Tuition Angel than meets the eye. Yet, in creating WTA University I kept in mind that WTA should be easy for you to follow and also easy for you to navigate. There’s one more aspect of WTA University that I had to keep in mind. Our University should be the ‘bees knees’, when it comes to providing you with the ‘cutting edge’ tools and resources, required for you to make a great online income. Adding a social networking community that clones the successful Facebook model was an easy decision to make. For a full list of features click here (opens in a fresh window), then return here to continue with the demo (flowchart below).

Wealth Tuition Angel University is absolutely new and still in its growth stages. I’m asking you to be patient and help us grow. Yet, I know WTA University will soon be the top Wealth Tuition University on the Internet. Am I just big noting? No, anyone who knows me knows that I’m a humble guy. Though even before officially launching, WTA was ranking third in the world on Google for ‘wealth tuition’, right below Forbes, who were in 2nd place (at the time of writing this). In first place was the first website I ever built, just a basic html site. Nonetheless, it was well constructed and was optimized well enough to rank number 1 in the world, from 2004 until the time I pulled it off the internet recently. Wealth Tuition University is the result of what Wealth Tuition was intended to be. The Prodigal Son, so to speak and (at the time of updating this Aug 2023), is still in first place on Google for “affiliate wealth tuition”.

So, why am I telling you all of this?

Because if you want to succeed online, you need a little direction first. The right tools and training, to become a success! WTA University is the right place to be, to receive that!

As of Aug 2023, we’re now on the hunt for those Wealth Angels (Teachers). At the same time, we’re looking for the more experienced Affiliate Marketers to head the other levels of our University’s (classrooms), we’ve allocated to our Students to learn within.


The good news is that general WTA University site membership for Members and Students is absolutely FREE. Also, faculty levels for both Students and Teachers can be trialed for just $1 for a limited time only while we enrol our first Students and Teachers. Step inside for FREE while you can and be the first to experience what will soon become the top Affiliate University on the internet. The first Student/Teacher Faculty level which is L2 – ‘Wealth Angel’ awaits you! To access this level, a subscription will be required. Your first month is just $1. To access L2 – ‘Wealth Angel’, you’ll still need to first become a FREE L1 Student of WTA. Enrol first as a Member. You can use the link below….join us at WTA and make your dreams a reality.


Return here. It’s very important to read all below

At WTA University, as a student you have 1 task to complete before you embark upon your journey towards financial and if you wish, spiritual freedom. You may enter into any classroom, of the subscription level that you’re paying monthly. Before you can do this, you must first become a ‘free student’ (wealth member), of WTA University. (all faculty levels are accessible in the menu bar).

Acess the Faculty Levels page. First register as a Member. This provides general access to many of the site areas. Next, you’ll tegister as an L1-Student. When you’re ready, you can then register at the first Faculty subscription level which is L2 ‘Wealth Angel’. We operate WTA in the same way as any University, although you can progress to the next level quicker, because we don’t have any set courses as such. All products and courses available at your level are offered by our Teachers, who are Affiliate Masters, at each level. Each Teacher has their own style and their own level of education. Each Teacher has their own products, their own courses and tbeir own services.

You must spend at least 1 month at Level 2 ‘Wealth Angel’, whether you’re a Teacher or a Student, before you can progress to the next level. For someone who is fairly new at Affiliate Marketing or a beginner, to have an Angel to guide them is a blessing, thus the allocation. Each level is a higher investment, yet also provides for a higher ROI (return on investment). That’s because as you progress you’ll have a Teacher who is more of an expert in the Affiliate Industry. The higher your subscription, the better the education you receive. As you progress to a higher level, your options will be greater. This is because, although a student at a lower subscription level can not enter a classroom at a higher suscription level, a student at a higher subscription level still has access to all of the levels beneath the level they’re on. This makes the choices you have even greater, as you may see a course or product that may still be of benefit to you, in a classroom (subscription level) that’s lower than the one you’re a member of.


Our Teachers here at WTA must also pay in at the same subscription level as our students. You needn’t be concerned. You can earn a lot more than your investment. You can register at the first level of WTA for Teachers and students, ‘Wealth Angel’ until such time as we have enough students enroled.

A prospective Teacher may wish to join us at a higher level than the first level. They may feel that this level is beneath the level that they can educate our students at. However, this is because we need to vet all of our Teachers, to see what the feedback from our students is like, at the first classroom level. To see if they have ‘the right stuff’ to teach our students at a higher level. If they rate well, they may progress to the next level, even after 1 month, the same option that our students have. If we feel they’re not ready for the next level we’ll review their performance for another month and so on.

Each Teacher can create a bio and profile at each level when they register, the same as a student. As they progress they may wish to upgrade their bio and profile to reflect their progress. Even so, your bio and profile can be re-created by you when you move to a higher level. You can leave your former one up if you want students at lower levels to receive your products, courses and services that are targeted specifically to that audience.

Any student can find you and other Teachers listed at the same level/s that you’re on, through each specific directory, for each specific level, listed in our website’s menu. It’s up to you to make your classroom, products, services and website/s an attractive proposition, as you’ll be competing with other Teachers within the same level as you.

You must be Professional in all that you do. So long as you’re Professional in what you teach and what you offer, a Teacher will easily make their monthly fee back, by gaining just 1 student. So long as the product or service that you’re offering is of at least the same value as the monthly subscription that you’re paying, in order to use WTA University.

Basically WTA connects students with Teachers that can provide students with the level of training that they’re able to provide professionally at specific levels, just like an offline University. What the student pays must be reflected in the course/training that each Teacher offers.

You may offer training at a lower cost than your subscription, once we get enough members on-board. Yet, you must do your dollar cost averaging, to decide whether you’re covering your monthly fees and still making a profit. If you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, you can join at a lower subscription level and try again. We don’t offer refunds on monthly subscription fees, if you don’t meet your target. It’s the same with advertising, you must do the math.


Once a potential student clicks a link that you’ve placed within your profile, they’ll be sent directly to your personal classroom, within WTA University. This is an individual page that you’ll be allocated, that you may promote inside of and outside of WTA University.

In addition to your ‘classroom page’, you have additional pages that can be allocated as ‘landing pages’ (coming). We’ll have a great selection of landing pages, that you can use, to ‘style’ your classroom, to suit a certain promotion that you may be running.

If you want to promote certain products, courses or services you can promote these on your landing page/s or within your classroom or even both. You get additional pages for this. You can login to your classroom page and create it. On your classroom page you’ll link your classroom students to the product, course or service that you’re offering. You can ‘monetize’ your offers by sending them through the Affiliate Program provider of your choice.

You can also promote any products or services that you own within our Marketplace. WTA’s cut is 15% commission on any products, courses and services you promote within the WTA Marketplace. Any products you link externally through any Affiliate provider, the profits are 100% yours to keep, less your Affiliate’s commissions of course. Basically, you get more exposure for your products, due to them being listed within the WTA Marketplace. You also gain more clients to build your list, because they’ll have to return to your thankyou page specifically. It’s a win win partnership. WTA builds traffic and you build your lists.

WTA enrols all new students at the first level which is Wealth Angel at just $14.95 a month. You must first enrol as a FREE L1 Student or the ‘Wealth Angel’ classroom will not be accessible to you, whether you’re a Student or a Teacher or both.

Students at this level can select a Wealth Angel (affiliate teacher), based on a Teacher’s Bio and Profile. We’re now in the process of finding our first Teachers. However, there’s nothing to stop you from joining at that level anyway and start promoting your own links, by creating your own Student ‘Wealth Angel’ Bio and Profile.

Want to try a different tutor? No problem. You’ll have access to all Teachers at any level you’re subscribed to, through each level’s Directory, plus other students within that Faculty level. You can only receive tuition from Teachers at your specific classroom level. Your monthly fee doesn’t pay for a certain tutor, it pays for that level of education. As with any University, the higher ROI the higher the fees. Once you move to a higher classroom level, It will be up to your Tutor to decide if they are comfortable teaching you. If they feel you are not compatible with their classroom, they may request us to shift you to a lower subscription level. At our discretion, we may re-allocate a part or whole of your subscription, yet this is on our part non-obligatory.

To start, all Teachers/Students have the opportunity to try WTA for just $1, then $14.95 a month. By joining at the ‘Wealth Angel’ level 2.


Since 2004, much has eventuated on the internet. The clockwork of social networking dynamics has totally changed. As online marketers, we can no longer be complacent. Many individuals providing sound advice and experience are better than one or two. WTA University provides you with a valuable platform for success, much the same as WordPress has given us a dynamic CMS (Content Management System) to improve web mastering.

The flow diagram below shows you the initial Membership Registration process. Both for Students and Teachers of WTA University you can register for this site completely FREE of charge. Once you’ve completed registration of your Free Membership and L1 Student Membership, create your Free Profile with Bio!


Live long and prosper well!



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