Rules For Posting!

Rules For Posting

Please Note: The subscription platform has been removed for now. This post applies once it’s back in place.

This post was placed using the subscription platform available after you’ve registered as a Community Member.

Any post made by a member who does not adhere to these rules will have their post deleted. No refund given. Please post with this in mind.

Note: You may need to refresh the page for some actions if you see a white page – just refresh then click “Continue”. [A known issue we’re working on].


1. All posts must be relevant and  non offensive to others. Hate, racism, sexism, nudity etc will see your post deleted.

2. At our discretion we may hold a Post for moderation and not delete it. We will request it to be re-written. These instances may however be rare!

3. Posts must be relevant to the affiliate industry. You might be promoting a product launch or a tip or resource to assist other affiliates.

4. Your Post Author name must reflect a real person. Names like some of you have already signed up with will see relevant Posts still held for moderation and their Author banned. You MUST use a real name such as Bruce Smith or Jill Smith. You can change the name that displays in your Posts. Simply go to your Profile and change it there. Posts that prove you really are the Author’s name will always get you ranked higher by Google and trust me, you can’t fool their scanning bots! Go to it – change your display name now!

Respect the rules Members – No refunds will be issued!

If in doubt send us a support ticket – see menu.

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